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Sculptures in Kiev - photos, description, sculptors

Sculptures in Kiev - photos, description, sculptors

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Kiev is the most beautiful city in Europe, its monuments and sculpture play an important role in creating the unusual atmosphere of the city.

Historical monuments

The ancient history of the Ukrainian capital is rich in events and personalities. Among the historical monuments, two stand out especially: the monument to Vladimir the Holy and Bohdan Khmelnitsky.

The monument to the Baptist of Russia was created in collaboration with three talented sculptors at once. The author of the entire project and the bas-reliefs of the foundation was Demut-Malinovsky, the pedestal was executed by Ton, and the sculpture of the prince by Klodt. The monument was erected in the middle of the 19th century. The prince is depicted with a large cross in his hands, looking thoughtfully at the other side of the Dnieper. At night, the cross is illuminated by electricity. The backlight was installed in 1895.

The monument to Hetman Khmelnitsky on Sofia Square was erected at the end of the 19th century, the installation was dedicated to the 900th anniversary of the baptism of Russia. The original design has undergone many changes. The first project created by Mikeshin was distinguished by an anti-Polish and anti-Jewish fuse. Then, the commission for the creation of the monument decided to simplify the project by removing all additional figures. Funds for the monument were collected sluggishly and the project had to greatly simplify the foundation of the monument.

The hetman is depicted on a horse at the time of the announcement of a decision to join the Russian kingdom. Creating a sculpture, the authors consulted with historians of the University of Kiev in order to accurately convey the hero’s clothing and appearance.

In the 90s of the XX century, several new monuments to historical figures were erected in Kiev, of which special attention should be paid to the sculpture of Yaroslav the Wise near the symbolic designation of the Golden Gate of Kiev. The author of the monument is Ivan Kavaleridze. The prince sits on a stone, holds in his hands a model of Kiev Sophia Cathedral. The posture of Yaroslav is dynamic, as if he is ready to stand up and go to perform new feats for the glory of his power.

The monument to Princess Olga, Apostle Andrei, the enlighteners Cyril and Methodius was a gift from Emperor Nicholas II to Kiev in 1911. The creation of a multi-figure symbolic composition was entrusted to a group of young Kiev sculptors, among whom was Ivan Kavaleridze. After the revolution, the monument was dismantled and restored only in the 90s. The sculpture group has become a symbol of the beginning of Christianity in Russian lands.

Literary Monuments

The Shevchenko monument in front of one of the university buildings has become one of the symbols of Kiev. The sculpture was made by Matvey Manizer in the mid-30s. The great poet is depicted during a walk. The look is thoughtful and focused.

In Kiev there are several monuments to Nikolai Gogol. one of them is located on the Rusanovskaya embankment of the Dnieper. The author of the sculpture Skoblikov.

On St. Andrew's Descent is a monument to the Nose of Gogol, made by Oleg Dergachev.

The sculpture of Mikhail Bulgakov is installed near the Turbin House in the historical center of the city. The author of the sculpture, Nikolai Rapay, depicted the writer sitting on a bench watching pedestrians.

Sculpture of Sholom Aleichem in the area of ​​Besarabka differs by unusually accurate portrait similarity. The monument was erected in the late 90s, funds for its creation were collected by the Jewish community of Kiev.

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