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Plastic bottle sculptures

Plastic bottle sculptures

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Plastic bottles are a major environmental hazard. Back in the mid-70s, competitions and festivals were organized in Europe and America, all manufacturers of carbonated drinks took all the expenses, receiving dividends in the form of an increase in sales.

The transparency of the material contributed to the fact that from the very beginning plastic bottles were used to create the most incredible fixtures. The different color of the bottles was also an advantage of the material.

Numerous artists of the postmodern era often used plastic bottles to create installations that expose the consumer society, or pay attention to the problem of environmental pollution.

Today, a huge number of lovers who make bottles of a variety of compositions. There are several different techniques.

The texture of the bottle is maintained and not deformed at all. In this case, a large amount of material is required. The sculptures are huge, but very spectacular. It was in this technique that a sculpture of Pisces was made on one of the beaches of Brazil, commissioned by the organizers of the UN Rio + 20 conference, which was dedicated to the problems of waste disposal.

Plastic bottles perfectly convey the texture of fish scales, and the transparency of the material with a special highlight, fill the giant shapes with flicker, which looks very impressive at night.

Another technique related to bottle warp (cutting, volumetric deformation). This method is the most common among amateurs. Thanks to this technique, you can create a variety of garden sculptures or home decoration. In this case, bottles of different colors are actively used. Robots, animal figures, small copies of architectural masterpieces, caskets, toys and much more. The technique is very democratic, so lay people love it so much. It is in this technique that they offer to create numerous master classes on the network. The possibilities for imagination are endless.

Finally, the third type of technology involves the use of plastic as a material. In this case, the artists often melt the bottle, getting a plastic mass. The technique is complex, akin to the technique of glass blowers. Therefore, in this way sculptures and installations are made rather by professional artists. Often, in addition to the plastic mass, fragments of bottles are used to emphasize the material used and to actualize the idea of ​​work.

Festivals and competitions of Eco-Art Objects are held in many countries. Most often, participants of such events choose plastic bottles from all materials.

In addition to bottles, plastic utensils, cutlery, as well as plastic vials for medicines are used to create sculptures.
Passion for plastic as a material for sculpture partly solves the problem of its disposal.

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