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Skansen Museum in Stockholm: photos, ticket prices

Skansen Museum in Stockholm: photos, ticket prices

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The oldest open-air ethnographic museum, Skansen, has been attracting tourists from all over the Earth for over 120 years. The thing is that here in a relatively small area you can see the whole of Sweden without leaving the institution.

It is here that various events are held during the main public holidays of Sweden: Flag Day, Midsummer Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. Of particular interest to tourists are events dedicated to Walpurgis Night and St. Lucia's Day, as they are especially celebrated. Swedish: bonfires, choir competitions, delicious folk dishes, etc.

On the territory of the museum there are one and a half hundred of a variety of estates, buildings, quarters. All exhibits belong to the 18-20 centuries. You can visit the Sami camp and see how this northern people lives. Seglura Church is popular not only among tourists, but also among residents of Stockholm. It is in this wooden church, built in the early 18th century and moved to Skansen after 200 years, that many Swedish couples prefer to get married. Constantly there are rites of baptism or confirmation. To see the ceremony, listen to the ancient organ and see the ancient paintings, crowds of people gather here daily.

In the estates, carefully transferred to the museum, you can get acquainted with the way of life of the Swedish peasants, citizens and nobles. The ministers of the museum are dressed in national costumes of the part of Sweden that this or that object represents. Numerous artisans work here on holidays, master classes are held.

The menagerie at the museum offers a closer look at the wild animals living in the country. Pets are also represented. The Museum Menagerie Aquarium has an impressive collection of insects, reptiles, amphibians and fish. True, you need to buy a separate ticket for entering the Aquarium.

Children will undoubtedly enjoy the playground with swings, as well as the opportunity to make an excursion trip around the museum on a train.

Not one, but several souvenir shops work at once in Skansen. Souvenirs will be offered to you in the caretaker’s house, in the spices shop, glass-blowing workshop and bakery.

A dozen restaurants and cafes, which are prepared by the best Swedish cooks, simply do not give a chance to any of the visitors to remain hungry. Everyone can choose an institution in accordance with their taste and wallet. Somewhere you can grab a sandwich and drink coffee, somewhere delicious ice cream is sold, and there are establishments where it is not a sin to celebrate a wedding, which often happens here.

Not a day goes by that no action takes place in Skansen, a festival or a workshop is not held. More precisely, you can find out on the museum website.

The cost of admission to Skansen depends on the time of year. In the off-season (autumn, winter and early spring) - 100 CZK. In summer, the ticket price reaches 160 CZK. Children's tickets are sold all year round at 60 CZK.

Getting to the museum is very easy: 44 bus and 7 tram stops are in front of the main entrance to Skansen.

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