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Grunwald, Munich

Grunwald, Munich

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In the south of Munich, outside the city limits, on the banks of the Isar River is located one of the most interesting and picturesque castles of Bavaria Grunwald. Despite the fact that over the course of 800 years it has been seriously rebuilt and ennobled several times, a medieval atmosphere has been preserved here, attracting tourists. In the vicinity of Munich, only two such castles have survived (the second is Blutenburg).

Initially, Grunwald was the residence of the counts of Andek, then passed into the possession of the Wittelsbachs, Bavarian dukes. The dukes were rich, the castle became cramped. For a long time it was used as a hunting lodge, a prison, a powder warehouse. In the 17-18 centuries the castle was partially destroyed - the river washed the mountain. Ancient fortifications, the Gothic chapel, and many outbuildings are completely lost. But the main tower, living quarters, internal fortifications were preserved perfectly.

At the end of the 19th century, the castle passed into private ownership, and in 1976 the Bavarian government bought it from the owners to place a branch of the Bavarian Archaeological Museum here.

About exposure

The museum’s exposition allows visitors to get acquainted with the history of Grunwald, as well as the castle life itself for a thousand years: a blacksmith's workshop, a dungeon that contained a well-known alchemist in Europe, but in fact an adventurer and a crook, Count Caetano, who was actually his son Italian peasant, knightly armor, prints and drawings, drawings and layouts.

Several halls are given under the archaeological collection of the ancient Roman period. And in the courtyard of the castle is a medieval well, later converted to a fountain.

The exposition presents personal belongings of the owners of the castle, valuable works of art, medieval frescoes are also perfectly preserved.

The tower and fortifications of Grunwald offer stunning views of the Isar River Valley.

The castle hosts an annual festival, as well as concerts and educational events. Grunwald workers will help organize a children's party in a medieval style.

To get to know the castle and all the exhibitions better, it is better to visit this place on Sunday. On this day, various events, performances by musicians are constantly being held.

A full ticket, including a visit to the main exhibition, temporary exhibitions and a watchtower, will cost 3.50 euros. If your plans are only a visit to the tower - 1.00 euros. In Grunwald, guided tours are constantly organized. In this case, you need to pay 2.50 euros. Admission discounts await schoolchildren and students.

Grunwald's store is full of the most unusual souvenirs that will come in handy on the farm.

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