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Before a thunderstorm, Shishkin, 1884

Before a thunderstorm, Shishkin, 1884

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Before the thunderstorm - Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. 110x150

Painting I. A moment of complete silence before the rampage ...

The horizon line divides the landscape into exactly two parts. The upper part is a pre-stormy lead sky full of life-giving moisture. The lower one is the land yearned for this very moisture, the shallow river, the trees.

Amazing abundance of shades of blue and green, brilliant possession of the perspective, complex, heterogeneous light.

The viewer feels the approach of a thunderstorm, but as if from the side ... He is only a spectator, not a participant in the natural mystery. This allows him to calmly enjoy the details of the pre-storm landscape. Those details that always elude the human eye in nature. At the same time, there is absolutely nothing in the picture. Harmony.

Strange, but looking at the picture, the question arises: did the artist himself get caught in the rain or managed to take cover? The work itself is so realistic that the question of the authenticity of the landscape does not arise at all.

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