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Gurzuf - Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky. 64.5 x 95.5 cm

The exquisite and sophisticated painting “Gurzuf” by the great marine painter Aivazovsky takes everyone to the world of beauty and perfection. The richness of colors, the vibrancy of the composition, and the depth of thought - these are the impressive moments that make the picture alive.

The blue and clear sky, the quiet expanse of water, and the boats and ships pictured in the picture gently swaying on it, envelop in peace and tranquility.

Thanks to the excellent skill of the artist, the picture lives its own life, gives rise to stories and images, and again surprises with new discoveries.

Using canvas and oil, Aivazovsky managed to convey the quiet course of life in the bay, while wrapping it in mystery and understatement. Everyone who looks at a work of art of a genius can not only admire the realism and liveliness of the picture, but also feel like one of the people floating in a boat or see on a big ship what others did not have time to notice. And who knows, maybe Gurzuf keeps in himself not only a treasure of emotions, but also other, no less significant treasures.

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