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“A storm at sea at night”, Ivan Aivazovsky - description of the painting

“A storm at sea at night”, Ivan Aivazovsky - description of the painting

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Storm at sea at night - Aivazovsky. 89x106

The stormy sea and the bright moon in the gleam of clouds are an unusual combination that determines the flavor of this painting by Aivazovsky. The natural element is dangerous to humans, but we still admire the amazing beauty of its daring strength.

A storm at sea at night is an example of emotional painting that conveys the character and temperament of the sea element. She is like a living creature raging in the vast expanse.

The palette of the painting delights with a combination of golden hues and dark, purple-violet. The radiance of the night luminary grabs the center of the disturbing element from the darkness, covers the waves with trembling gold. It seems that the moon tore the thick cloud cover only to solemnly illuminate the wild and beautiful game of the sea storm.

The ship seems a stranger in the midst of this riotous beauty. Its silhouette is dark, it invades the miraculous beauty of the sea and sky. The ship seeks to escape from this picturesque trap, from this Ding an sich, which does not need an outside observer.

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