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Livadia Palace in Crimea - description and photo of the museum, Ukraine

Livadia Palace in Crimea - description and photo of the museum, Ukraine

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In the most picturesque region of Crimea, on its southern coast, three kilometers from Yalta, there is a historical summer residence of Russian tsars from 1860 - magnificent Livadia palace. The magnificent snow-white building of the Grand Palace was erected on the site of the old decrepit in 1911 by order of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II in a record-breaking time even by today's standards - in just 17 months. The light yellow Inkerman limestone, from which the main building is built, gives it a truly magical radiance, creates the image of a magical fairytale palace. The snow-white walls of the palace, shrouded in green waves of vegetation of the surrounding park, stand out majestically against the blue sky, and the marble figures of fairy-tale griffins, beautiful dolphins and fruit and flower garlands only complete the image of the palace of dreams. The family coat of arms of the Romanovs, adorning the front door, fanciful monograms of the names of the royal family, unequivocally declare the identity of the owner of the palace.

The general style of architecture and interiors also speaks of the regal taste of the owners. A harmonious combination of eclecticism and modern-day modern style, created an atmosphere of calm appeasement by combining perfectly proportional repeating geometric details - straight vertical columns, semicircular arches, rectangular windows, chiseled balustrades. The lack of complex architectural elements of the external decoration is more than compensated for by the pompous luxury of the interiors: elaborate stucco molding, carved panels of precious wood, marble fireplaces, which serve more for decoration than for heating rooms, furniture sets in the Jacob style. However, the interior decoration of each room is amazingly thoughtful, comfortable and convenient. These are not just museum halls - these are rooms in which you want to live.

The Livadia Palace museum complex also includes Baron Fredericks Palace, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Exaltation Palace Church, the Page Corps, as well as a magnificent park and courtyards - magnificent Italian with a traditional fountain in the center and a cozy chamber Arabic.

Livadia park deserves separate words of admiration. By the nature of the layout, it belongs to the landscape, and each path and path in it was thought out and laid out in such a way that after each turn it opens up to its eyes a new magnificent view, which is facilitated by its stepwise arrangement on the slopes of Mount Mogabi. The cozy arbours of the park offer relaxation to the feet of a tired traveler and offer a truly amazing view of the palace, mountains, sea. Skillfully executed fountains moisturize the dry Crimean air and sweeten the ear with their gentle soothing murmur.

Today, the Livadia Palace meets various politicians, is an exhibition gallery for famous artists of Russia and Ukraine, as well as a venue for various cultural events and events, music and vocal competitions. In addition, this "pearl of the Crimea" is open almost every day to everyone. Here you can see firsthand the example of the peak of architectural and landscape design, touch a particle of the history of the great empire.

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