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“Pink dress”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

“Pink dress”, Frederic Bazil - description of the painting

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Pink dress - Frederic Basil. 102,5x186

In the painting “Pink Dress” beautifully composed, the artist depicted a half-faced young woman in a light pink dress, which could be called elegant, but a black apron worn over a full skirt does not allow this. Maybe the artist needed this black spot from some coloristic whims, say - for contrast? We don’t know for sure. However, the dark tan on the girl’s face and hands more inclines us to the version that, probably, we are facing a girl who, according to the artist’s plan, sat down to relax after working on a stone parapet of a terrace located high above the city. Her gaze is fixed on the city, illuminated by the evening sunset sun.

By all indications, the picture may well be attributed to the early period of impressionism. There is close attention to color, sunlight, color contrasts, and here is a momentary stop ... Only the performance technique is still quite traditional.

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