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Basil and Camille, Claude Monet, 1865

Basil and Camille, Claude Monet, 1865

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Basil and Camille - Claude Monet. 93x68.9

French painter, one of the founders of impressionism, Claude Monet in 1865 began work on an ambitious project. He set himself the goal of creating a scene in a landscape with life-size figures, which in scale could compete with "Breakfast on the Grass" by Eduard Manet. But if Manet borrowed the composition for his famous work from Renaissance engraving, Monet strove for greater naturalness and modernity, so he went to the open air. One of his friends followed him into the village - talented artist Frederic Basil.

The canvas on which Monet was planning to write his Breakfast on the Grass was too large to take with him to the forest. Therefore, the author made a number of sketches in the open air, and then reworked them in the workshop, the picture presented is one of them. As models, he invited Basil and his lover and model Camilla.

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