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Painting Smear - Roy Lichtenstein

Painting Smear - Roy Lichtenstein

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Smear - Roy Lichtenstein. 58,4x73,6

American artist Roy Lichtenstein - One of the brightest representatives of the direction of pop art in art. Pop art masters tend to portray a well-known, replicated image of mass culture in a different context, so that it takes on a different meaning.

Liechtenstein redefined brush strokes. If a work of art was created with the help of a brushstroke, then why cannot he himself become an object of painting? Why can not a smear just be applied, namely portrayed, shown as the fundamental principle of the artist? So a whole series of works appeared, representing picturesque strokes. It is worth making a reservation, in front of the viewer - not the smear itself, the author makes his image, presentation. The pure yellow color of the smear without any shades is formed using raster dots, and the body of the smear sharply limits the black outline.

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