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Painting Artist's workshop - Hubert Robert

Painting Artist's workshop - Hubert Robert

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Artist's Studio - Hubert Robert

At the very end of the 18th century Hubert Robert painted a picture "Workshop of the artist". During the French Revolution, the huge royal palace of the Louvre turned into a museum that is freely visited for any resident of France. Many artists settled there, including Hubert Robert.

In this picture, he, apparently, portrayed himself at work. Recall carefully-dressed young artists from a pair portrait of the mid-17th century. A century and a half later, Robert unceremoniously shows us the non-official side of his life. Having thrown off his slippers, he sits half-dressed among the "poetic mess" of his workshop. Painted paintings and drawings hang on the wall at random, a camisole and a cocked hat are lying on the chairs, and the artist enthusiastically draws an antique bust. Lively, trembling brushstrokes whitewashed with artistic ease highlight the outlines of the bust, the creases of the wrinkled shirt of the artist, the dog who plays with his shoes. Everyday everyday life and inspired artistry exist here in an inextricable unity.

Watch the video: Visite audio Exposition Hubert Robert au Louvre (June 2022).


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