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Portrait of Mrs. Winthrop, John Singleton Copley, 1773

Portrait of Mrs. Winthrop, John Singleton Copley, 1773

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Portrait of Mrs. Winthrop - John Singleton Copley. 90,2x73

Around the middle of the XVIII century. Power was concentrated around the trading elite, which was passionately striving for an ever-increasing possession of fashionable luxury goods. John Singleton Copley became the spokesman for the ideas of this new, booming social class.

In the characters he portrays, both their physical and moral presence, as well as their social significance, are tangible. Moreover, this portrait testifies to the achievements of that intense realism, which became the basis of the artist’s works. The woman, the wife of a prominent American astronomer, is depicted in a pose full of dignity. Light evenly covers the figure, almost imperceptibly going into shadow; this technique, combined with the search for light and sophisticated color, came to Copley from the practice of in-depth engraving, which the artist was engaged in during his training in Boston.

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