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Wonderful catch, Raphael

Wonderful catch, Raphael

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A wonderful catch - Raphael. 1515-1516

Wonderful fish catch - one of the miracles created by Christ - the first plot in a series of ten sketches for tapestries, which Pope Leo X ordered Raphael for the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Raphael painted these sketches in 1515-1516; copied by many weavers, they became widely known throughout Europe. The first plot shows a wonderful catch of fish: according to the Gospel, Christ advised two brothers, Simon (nicknamed Peter) and Andrew, to again throw nets into the lake after unsuccessful fishing, which lasted all night, and urged them to become "fishers of men." They obeyed the advice, and their nets came full of fish. And although Christ is depicted imperceptibly sitting at the right edge of the picture, it is he who is the dramatic center of the composition: the gestures of Peter and Andrew attract the attention of the viewer.

ST ANDREI. Information about the life of Andrei (died c. 60 C.E.) after the death of Christ is scarce, but, according to legend, he traveled to Russia, preaching, performing miracles and converting pagans to Christianity. Among those baptized by Andrei was the wife of the proconsul, who, unable to force this saint to worship false gods, ordered him to be crucified, tied with ropes to the oblique cross, which became his attribute.

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