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Borodino Museum-Reserve near Moscow has finally found its borders

Borodino Museum-Reserve near Moscow has finally found its borders

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Borodino Museum-Reserve, which is located in the suburbs and is well known to all of us, has finally found borders. Such a statement deputy. Minister made at a meeting on the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. Now in the possession of the Borodino Reserve more than 11 thousand hectares of land.

As we recall, a few years ago the question of the boundaries of the museum reserve stood very seriously, because about 100 houses and various buildings were built on its territory. In this regard, more than 50 lawsuits have been filed with the court. At the moment, construction around and on the territory of the Borodino Reserve has been stopped. After all, the ministers of this miracle of nature are sure that if they give at least a piece of land for development, the reserve will simply cease to exist, and this they can’t allow in any way.

In addition to this issue, the meeting also addressed the issue of the Arkhangelsk Museum with a similar situation. Let's hope that this issue is resolved peacefully, because a person should protect, not destroy museum territories.

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