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Coal Museum (Big Pete), England

Coal Museum (Big Pete), England

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Big Pete Museum able to amaze even the most experienced traveler. The famous landmark of Wales.

From the descent into this coal mine, which is almost a hundred meters deep, you get a huge shock, real stress. Big Pete Mine - A test even for experienced miners equipped in full. The weight of standard equipment issued to museum visitors is about five kilograms. Some guys are quite dispensed with an ordinary respirator and a mining helmet with a flashlight. Capturing these happy moments underground is somewhat problematic in the photo, however, everything is perfectly recorded in the memory: pictures of the difficult everyday life of the Welsh miners, among which there was even a child.

By visiting Coal Museum in Blainevon, in a special way you perceive the earth's surface and sunlight. By the way, a real miner acts as a guide here, who with special artistry will tell about the history of the local coal industry, tell a couple of peculiar jokes and funny stories from his life.

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