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The Red Dancer, Kes van Dongen, 1907

The Red Dancer, Kes van Dongen, 1907

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The red dancer is Kes van Dongen. 99.7x81

Dutch artist Kes van Dongen (1877-1968) lived most of his life in France. The works of the Fauvists were called "wild", a bright, screaming color literally bursting from the canvases made such an impression on his contemporaries.

"Red dancer" refers to the best examples of the early work of van Dongen. The picture shows Nini dancerperforming at the Foley Berger cabaret. The “screaming” orange-red color that fills half of the canvas gives it a special emotional mood. Dynamic strokes of various sizes and shapes widely and generally convey the whirlwind of a spinning skirt.

A small green spot on a white garter enhances the effect of local red color. In addition to the cabaret of the characters of his many paintings, the painter found in the circus of Medrano in Montmartre. Unrecognized by the general public at the beginning of his career, in the 1920s, van Dongen became a successful artist. Famous artists, writers and even politicians ordered their portraits to him.

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