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Portrait of George Caussmaker, D. Reynolds, 1782

Portrait of George Caussmaker, D. Reynolds, 1782

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Portrait of George Caussmaker - Joshua Reynolds. 238.1 x 145.4 cm

Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) was a painter who brought the English parade portrait to perfection. An example of his skill is the presented painting, written in the late period of creativity.

A brilliant young military man is depicted next to his horse, whose strong and flexible silhouette emphasizes the stateness of the captain’s figure. Caussmaker. The landscape with a tree, the leaves of which are scattered by the wind, reminds us that the life of a soldier is a battle or their expectation. And although the face of the person portrayed is still touched by a youthful blush, his gaze is stern and decisive, more precisely, the young grenadier skillfully gives his face such an expression. This contrast noted by Reynolds brings a lively and warm note to the picture.

In one of his famous “Speeches,” Reynolds wrote: “Unlike a human figure, an animal or any inanimate object, thanks to the brush of a brilliant painter, can acquire great value, as well as the ability to transmit feelings to evoke EMOTIONS.”

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